Centre for Global Socio-Economic Change

Flexible and independent

The Center for Global Socio-Economic Change (CFGSEC) is a social enterprise. It focuses on promoting prosperity and well-being in societies. CFGSEC has a unique organization. We don’t need to angle for assignments to keep a permanent staff at work. For every issue that comes our way, we bring together the right experts from elsewhere. This allows us to provide tailor-made teams at a multidisciplinary top level. And at least as important, CFGSEC teams have no interest in manipulating project outcomes and conclusions

Towards prospering societies

CFGSEC focuses on the holy grail of the social sciences: poverty reduction, economic growth and social inequality. Not only on a national but also on a global scale. With the super-fast development of data technology, it is possible to follow socio-economic developments closely ('monitoring'). As a result, unexpected changes can be signaled on time. Moreover, the consequences of new policy can also be measured in an objective way. With this feedback policy makers get the chance to constantly improve their way of working.

Prosperity & well-being

The Center for Global Socio-Economic Change (CFGSEC) has developed a method for bringing together essential social, economic and demographic data and then step by step combining them into a transition path that provides insight into the development of 'broad prosperity' in a society (country, municipality, neighborhood). The transition path gives a picture over the years about how happy a community feels in its environment. From this it can be derived whether the broad prosperity policy has actual success or not.

New future for Schiphol

In the Netherlands, we want to give priority to prosperity as well as to well-being (together being referred to as 'broad prosperity'). Related to this ambition, we must conclude that a major imbalance has developed around Schiphol Airport over the years. Due to excessive airport noise well-being has seriously suffered. CFGSEC comes up with a bold vision of the future, calling for a thorough renewal of the Dutch aviation policy. At the center of this vision is a Ten-Point Plan in which technical, economic and well-being measures are realized in great coherence.

Broad horizon for ecological policies

Each position of a socio-economic transition path can be enriched by ecological information. Think of pollution data, waste disposal, raw material, energy data, etc. By combining socio-economic transition paths with ecological information CFGSEC is able to construct associated pathways. These associated pathways give detailed insight in the ecological costs of socio-economic progress. In a prospering community (nation, region, city, neighbourhood) the social and economic performances increase and, at the same time, the ecological costs go down.

Long-term energy policy

Affordable energy is the source of prosperity and clean energy is an important source of well-being. In the energy vision of CFGSEC, security of supply must continue to play a dominant role in sustainable energy policy. For all these requirements (clean, affordable and security of supply) a new set of instruments has been provided in terms of the energy matrix and the energy-economic transition path. With this new set of instruments, nations and regions can design a prosperity-based energy transition that fulfills sustainability.

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