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Prof. Guus Berkhout
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Dr. Evgueni Poliakov
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Dr. Walter Manshanden

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Prof. Dr Ir. A.J. (Guus) Berkhout is a geoscientist who focuses on imaging technology that is used for monitoring human-induced changes in the deeper Earth. He also focuses on the renewal of our democratic system by integrating social and technological innovation. Guus Berkhout is founder of the science-industry research program Delphi, now being financed by a consortium of more than thirty international geo-energy companies.

Dr. Evgueni Poliakov is a senior research scientist in economics in the Strategy and Policy Unit of TNO with work experience at the World Bank. His areas of expertise include macroeconomics, economics of innovation, EU regional and industrial policies, competitiveness, cost-benefit analysis, econometric estimation and modeling. Within CFGSEC Dr. Poliakov focuses on the mathematical relationships in the socio-economic-ecological landscape.

Dr. Walter Manshanden studied economic geography at the University of Amsterdam. His experience is in regional input-output analysis, regional and urban economics and sector studies on technology, the construction sector, logistics and energy. Examples of projects are the annual Economic Forecast of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Randstad Monitor. Now he is focusing on metropolitan regions worldwide, using the socio-economic landscape concept.


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TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the 3,000 professionals at TNO, in our work every day.

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The mission of the Delphi Consortium is to develop big data breakthroughs in the geo-imaging technology for the geo-energy industry. Today, the Delphi research program is financed by ca. 30 international companies.

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The slogan ‘Bringing Knowledge to the World’ expresses the ideal on which Speakers Academy is founded, namely to improve the communication of knowledge and insights between people, companies and governments.

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The climate world is to be enriched by a revolutionary new research institute. Delft emeritus professor Guus Berkhout is finalizing a foundation for independent climate research on a completely different basis from that of the UN climate panel IPCC.

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