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Prof. Guus Berkhout
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Dr. Evgueni Poliakov
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Drs. Nicole de Koning

(Big Picture)
(Global Prosperity)
(Human behaviour)

Prof. Dr Ir. A.J. (Guus) Berkhout is a geoscientist who focuses on imaging technology that is used for monitoring human-induced changes in the deeper Earth. He also focuses on the renewal of our democratic system by integrating social and technological innovation. Guus Berkhout is founder of the science-industry research program Delphi, now being financed by a consortium of more than thirty international geo-energy companies.

Dr. Evgueni Poliakov is a senior research scientist in economics in the Strategy and Policy Unit of TNO with work experience at the World Bank. His areas of expertise include macroeconomics, economics of innovation, EU regional and industrial policies, competitiveness, cost-benefit analysis, econometric estimation and modeling. Within CFGSEC Dr. Poliakov focuses on the mathematical relationships in the socio-economic-ecological landscape.

Drs. Nicole de Koning has a degree in Cognitive Science (Radboud University). Nicole is a senior consultant human behaviour within TNO. She works in the group ”Engineering human behaviour”. Engineering Human Behaviour is about efficiently changing people’s behaviours for the common good. This group develops knowledge and technologies in order to help people to adapt to new situations. Nicole is liaison between CFGSEC and TNO.

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Dr. Hettie Boonman

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Tatyana Bulavskaya

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Dr. Walter Manshanden

(Inequality and Poverty)
(Sustainable Development)
(Metropolitan regions)

Dr. Hettie Boonman holds a PhD in Economics (Tilburg University) where she investigated optimal investment decisions of firms. Currently, she works in the Strategy and Policy department of TNO. Fields of expertise include econometrics of inequality and poverty, environmental accounting, industrial organization and complex models. Within CFGSEC Dr. Boonman focuses on the construction of transition paths in the socio-economic landscape.

Tatyana Bulavskaya is an applied economist and a researcher at TNO. Her expertise lies in the area where economic, social and environmental knowledge cross. Using her extensive understanding of statistical databases, Tatyana develops economic models and applies them to the questions related to the environment, sustainability, energy and climate. Within CFGSEC she focuses on examining the environmental costs of economic development.

Dr. Walter Manshanden studied economic geography at the University of Amsterdam. His experience is in regional input-output analysis, regional and urban economics and sector studies on technology, the construction sector, logistics and energy. Examples of projects are the annual Economic Forecast of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Randstad Monitor. Now he is focusing on metropolitan regions worldwide, using the socio-economic landscape concept.

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