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The Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL), as the new underlying foundation is called, is supported by a number of wealthy private financiers, who believe that the established order relies far too much on theoretical climate models. The widely spread belief that man plays the leading role in global warming comes from these models. But the history of the Earth shows a completely different story than those theoretical models tell us. Many renowned physicists, including Nobel Prize winners in physics, confirm this observation. The public has been misinformed for decades. The famous physicist, Richard Feynman, expressed it as follows: 'If model results do not match measurements, science has a big problem!'

Guus Berkhout comes up with a completely new plan. "Stop further tweaking computer models. We have been doing this for about 30 years. For years now, nothing has come out of it. We urgently need top laboratories to verify the theoretical assumptions; we also need more extensive measuring instruments to record how the climate system really behaves and, above all, we need big data techniques to apply intelligent algorithms for analyzing old and new data. We spend billions on facilities for measuring fundamental particles, gravitational waves and extraterrestrial life, but in climate research experimental facilities hardly play a role. Moreover, Berkhout points out that a hasty transition to a completely different energy system will lead to major accidents. "Why do we not want to learn from the big failure in Germany?

We are now in an extremely worrying situation, taking climate measures based on shaky scientific models as well as immature energy technologies. That inevitably will lead to a very costly failure.

Berkhout is full of energy. "All those years of fierce arguments over the smallest theoretical details have been a waste of time. Too often, we've let ourselves be carried away in discussions with all kinds of complicated theoretical details. As a result, even scientists can no longer see the forest through the trees. In any case, the general public no longer understands anything about it. CLINTEL advocates that discussions in the public debate should only take place on the main lines. Because these main lines are already misleading and incorrect.

“We have to change the research approach completely and start from measurements, using the motto: ‘In Search of the Truth’. New scientific developments show that this is the only way to understand how super complex systems work. Moreover, society should only use new energy technologies on a large scale if we are sure that we will not damage the entire energy system. The large-scale, green electrification of society is a commendable goal but if you don't yet know how to generate, transport and store all this green electricity in reliable way and at an affordable price, then introduction is irresponsible!”

Doubt is the basis of all scientific progress. People who have no doubt and are convinced that they are right, do not ask questions but prefer fighting. Bertrand Russell formulated it in this way: "The fools are self-assured, the wise are filled with doubt.

“The golden rule is that new policies can only be implemented if their consequences can be measured. If that is not the case, you never find out whether your policy is doing anything meaningful. And that is exactly what is going to happen worldwide. The climate movement is forcing citizens to spend billions on measures, the impact of which cannot be measured on the climate".

Professor Guus Berkhout, a leading geophysicist and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) gets is inspiration from DELPHI, a Delft-based geophysical research institute in which theorists and practitioners worldwide successfully cooperate already for decades. "I miss that in climate science where theoretical models are dominant, already for decades. No surprise that progress is very modest.”

Berkhout concludes: “We have the starting money and the new concepts. Together with young people we are going to turn the entire climate world upside down!”

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